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Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Writing is a solitary craft, and the road to publishing can be bumpy. That’s why it’s essential to have writer friends to share the journey with! A desire to help writers build their community was the driving force behind the creation of the #WriterFriendsChallenge on Instagram, which I co-host with my fabulous friend, Susan. (@susanleighneedham)

Since February of ’21 we’ve been amazed by the loyal following and engagement that increases each month, reaching over 10k posts by December!

As we approach one year since the challenge began, we’ve got a host of fun things planned to help writers reach their goals, find friends, and grow their following. If you’re on IG and looking for a welcoming community and a wide variety of creative prompts, find me (@thatsarahelynn) and say hello! And don’t forget to follow the #WriterFriendsChallenge hashtag! Can’t wait to “see” you there!



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